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Heliummm’s Artists Think Fast on Their Feet…and Their Hands!

Heliummm’s incredible hand balancer/contortionist, Adam, did a great job at last night’s What’s Next Conference sponsored by Yahoo! and delectably crafted by Pink Pizza Events.

We quickly and expertly re-staged the act when we discovered the stage was smaller and lower than anticipated. We elevated certain moves from the floor onto the canes to afford the best sight lines for the guests in the back of the room. All accomplished while the client was busy doing more important things. With a few adjustments to tighten up his movement path with the swirling fabric, Adam wowed the guests. And they loved posing for pictures with him in twisty bendy poses.

Just one reason to hire the seasoned professionals of Heliummm Aerial Dance and Entertainment. We think fast – on our feet and our hands!

Aerial Conditioning

Heather interviewed about aerial conditioning in an article about aerial yoga.

Link to full article here.

Note: for really great aerial yoga in NYC, check out Unnata Aerial yoga @

Helium Aerial Dance headlines at Mountain State Forest Festival

Helium Aerial Dance headlining at the 75th Anniversary of the Mountain State Forest Festival!

Full article here.