Where can I buy my own silk?

Posted by: on January 23, 2012

While every mother bird likes to see her little ones take flight and leave the nest, Mama Silk has some important information for her fledgeling silkies:

The answer to this question is, ‘You only get the answer to this question when you are ready.’ Why? As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben and others have said, “With great knowledge, comes great responsibility.” If Mama Bird pushes the babies out of the nest before their wings are fully developed THEY LAND ON THEIR HEADS AND DIE. This is the general consensus among NYC aerial teachers who ROCK and put YOUR safety first.

Aerial arts are incredibly beautiful and strength building. And, aerial can be dangerous.

-Check with your instructor to see if they think you are ready to train with a buddy in addition to your ongoing training with a qualified instructor (who should be the same person – don’t go cherry picking people to get the answer you want if you think your usual instructor will respond ‘DENIED!’)
-If your instructor doesn’t think you’re ready, ask why, and keep taking class until you get the thumbs up
-Never do aerial on your own (see reference to the ‘buddy’ above. PS: your roomie who can’t see you and has their headphones on in another room doesn’t count)
-Never attempt new skills without a qualified instructor present
-Always use appropriate mats
-Check, double check and triple check your rigging
-Examine your equipment and hardware before each use
-Take a rigging lesson that covers the particular set up for where you will be rigging
-If you don’t know how to safely rig your own silk, you are not ready to train on your own
-Just because ‘someone else has rigged here before’ doesn’t mean it’s safe. If you don’t know the person who installed the rigging or had it inspected, do your own due diligence.
-Don’t buy aerial yoga stands off the internet unless Mama Silk gives you the OK (there are lots of crappy set ups commerically available – don’t get me started)
-Well designed portable aerial rigs are available. Just ask.
-If you want to rig in your living room/apartment/patio, hire a qualified rigger to do the job right. We can recommend excellent people.
-If you aren’t ready to shell out money for equipment, rigging, and lessons, you aren’t ready to train on your own
-There are Open Workouts available at several locations in the NYC area. Ask Mama Silk which ones are insured.

Aerial is fun, and it can be dangerous, deadly dangerous. Know your limits, know what you don’t know.

Mama Silk wants you all safe.

Yours in love and aerial flight,

Heather, aka Mama Silk

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  1. emilia says:

    I really would love to buy one. I’ve been looking into these for a couple of months now! How and what do I have to do in order o purchas one?

  2. heliummm says:

    This one took on a life of it’s own and merited it’s own post.
    See “What do I want: Answers! When do I want them: Now!”

  3. […] Link: Where can I buy my own silks? By Heather Hammond […]

  4. Lindsey Sawada says:

    I would like to buy a portable rig for aerial silks could you please recommend a reputable place to buy one?
    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,
    Lindsey Sawada

  5. Mary says:

    I found this when googling for “buy your own aerial silks”

    I agree that as a general policy to the lowest common denominator, it is unwise to rush out to buy your own aerial set-up. And I’m not a professional at all.. but this article struck a cord with me. I’m not refuting that you are wrong, I’m simply giving context to maybe contextualize or inform.

    1) Aerial can be awesome, but we can’t all afford $35/class. Especially when people say 2x for maintenance, 3x for improvement. It adds up… and then we have to justify spending this much for a “hobby.” And we can’t all wait for when we have more money, our bodies are changing and getting older now… 2) We don’t all have aerial studios nearby. And for the ones we have… well some are only for kids or designed as a “bucket list” experiences. So really, training might be so disjointed that there might be no instructors to ever ask whether we are ready or not. Or studios just don’t offer this “open gym” thing. 3) So, getting our own aerial silks rig is partially out of sheer desperation…. I just want one. I’ll do the best I can with researching safety and carbineers and double eight knots … but at the end of the day, I’m getting one.

    I know for liability reasons, no one can ever say you should get your own fabric and something is safe. But there needs to be good information out there for those that are determined to go forward. I feel like I’ve obsessed and been frustrated over trying to find a good training schedule moving forward that fits my budget, and something that feels like I’m moving forward… and unfortunately getting my own silks is the best step moving forward. Whether I’m ready, I don’t know… but its going to happen.

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