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Heliummm Nominated for Entertainer of the Year!



We are super thrilled to be nominated for Bizbash Reader’s Choice Award!

We need YOUR support! Voting opens on Tuesday, October 2, at 9:00 am EST. Everyone is encouraged to VOTE once a day until voting closes on Sunday, October 21, at 11:59 pm EST. Please tell your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, whoever to vote as well!

Let’s make this happen!!! Thank you so much for your support!

Big aerial love.

Refinery29 Names Heliummm in Best & Coolest Classes of NYC!

We are super stoked to have Refinery29 name us one of their Best & Coolest Classes of NYC!

Click here to read the full article of how reporter Alison Matheny made out in our silks classes. And Click here to sign up for a few!

Heliummm’s Lyra in Time Out New York

Press, press and more press! We’re delighted to have our lyra classes featured in Time Out New York’s ‘Get Fit’ edition. Click here for full article.

Come on out and get your spin on. Click here to register for classes.




The Morning After The Night Before

We all love a good party. The planning, rehearsing, checking things off the list. Then there’s the excitement and anticipation of the event itself. Will it all go as planned? (No, but we’ll make it work). Will they like it? (Yes, we’re trained professionals – this is what we do).
Then there’s the day after. The afterglow of a job well-done. The remnants of glitter in the hair and eyelash glue around the eyes. The slight ache of a muscle overused with the pump of showtime adrenaline. The partially empty water bottles (Is this one really mine?). Oh yes, and then there’s the laundry. The not-so-glamourous part of showbiz.

In a physical business like ours, it can be olfactorily catastrophic if one forgets a sweaty costume balled up in the corner of the suitcase. It’s even worse if one throws it in a plasitc bag while damp. Ever put a costume away thinking “I didn’t really perspire that much” only to take it out for the next gig and be overwhelmed by putrid vapors? Worse still, ever had to put on a costume with someone else’s pungent sweatiness oozing from the fabric? Well, I have. And I’m here to save you from these unpleasant experiences.

1. Shower before the gig
You might think this one is no-brainer. Sadly, it’s not.

2. Wear Anti-Perspirant
Enough said.

3. Freshen up
Freshen up the armpits between rigging and warming up and putting on your costume. Wet Ones aren’t just for baby bottoms. And, there are lots of fun naturally fragranced wipes now available. Pomegranate, Lavendar, Green Tea – oh my! Visit a pharmacy or health food store near you, and keep a stash in your bag.

4. Febreeze
Bring a spray bottle of Frebreeze and spritz the pits and crotch of the costume before you put it your bag to bring home. This gesture is especially appreciated if you’re been lent a costume and you’re giving it back to someone, like me, else to launder.

5. Unpack right away
Unpack your bag as soon as you get home. Air your costume out to dry RIGHT AWAY. Time is of the essence. Or should I say “Es-scents”. Don’t give the bacteria a nice moist home to thrive in. Once the smell gets in, it’s super hard to get out.

6. Launder ASAP.
Add some Woolite to cold water. Gently handwash your costume, giving extra attention to the pits and crotch. Roll delicate costumes up in a towel to squeeze out as much water as you can. Then lay flat to dry or hang on clothesline.

7. Put clean dry costume away for next time
We store our costumes in see-through Ziplocs for ease of identification. Get a system. Use it.

That’s today’s lesson on bringing you fresh entertainment, in super fresh costumes, one amazing event at a time.

Heliummm’s Featured in the New York Times!

What a thrill to see Heliummm’s name in print in the NY Times.

Heliummm’s Students, Sarah Irene and Amy Shure look fabulous! Reporter Daniel Krieger learned some new skills, and received lots of support from the other Heliummm silkies. Yay, Team Silks! Read the full article here.

Daily Candy names Heliummm’s Classes in its ‘Best of NYC’!

We’re delighted Daily Candy has named our aerial silks classes in their Best of NYC! Wanna get really good at aerial silks? Train with the best!

Read full article here.

Register for classes here.


Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Professional Aerialist, or Professional Anything for That Matter

Dear Silkies,

Mama Silk is pleased to launch a new feature of her blog “Ask Mama Silk”. Send in your performance and training-related questions, and Mama Silk will do her best to give you the answers you seek.

To start us off, Mama Silk will answer a common question: “How do I become a professional aerialist?”. Here are the top ten answers.

1. Have a strong skill set
You’d think this goes without saying, but it needs emphasis. Have a good strong act. Ready. Now.

Your transitions should be smooth, your legs straight and your toes pointed, and you should not be visibly struggling to get through your act or any particular trick. If you can’t run your routine to perfection three times in an hour or so, you are not ready to perform it. Only include tricks you can execute 100% of the time. Trust me on this one.


Actor’s Resource “BackStage” Lists Heliummm Classes As Artistry Expander



The leading arts and entertainment industry resource aimed at people working in film and the performing arts, Back Stage names Heliummm Aerial Dance as a special skill to add to your bag of tricks! Plus as we put it, you’ll leave our silks classes with full-body, integrated strength, dynamics, and a new relation to gravity.” Click here to sign up for classes.

Click here to see the article.

Fox News Interviews Heliummm Aerial And Students

Watch this Fox News Video interview with artistic director Heather Hammond and some pretty amazing students, when Fox stopped by our Silks Class recently.
Here are some uplifting benefits from an inspiring total body work out: “The aerial workout gives people the opportunity to do things they never thought they could.  Some students even take part in performances to show off their skills.” The Fox News anchors were impressed. And you will be too when you come to class! Sign up here for silk classes.

Heliummm on Law & Order: SVU!!

Heliummm aerialists Heather and Cody were delighted to be hired as Stunt Principals to film an episode of Law & Order: SVU!

We had our very own dressing room in the honeycomb, I mean the honey wagon (I’m so unhip it hurts).  Though our trailer wasn’t as big as Ice-T’s, we did get to meet him (and his new dog), and co-star Kelli Giddish (all very nice).

We spun and spun on our lyra in sequined blue tops at the Coney Island Museum, for an intriguing episode called, ‘Strange Beauty’.  And, no the title is not a reference to our hair and make-up! We were well taken-care of by Emmy-award winning make up artist Nicole, and the key hairdresser, Brian. (We wanted to bring them home with us, but they film SVU 10 months a year).

It was fun to have the camera pan by us on its smooth track as we were spinning about. Talk about needing to smile at all times! We got right into it, calling ‘Rolling!’ and ‘Cut!’ with the crew like the TV veterans we are (alas, veterans from the other side of the screen).  And, what better compliment than to have Director Alex Chapple tell us we were doing such a good job up there it was hard to get people watch him!

For Law & Order junkies, our vic has a strange body modification that requires some serious investigation by Fin and Amanda. No spoiler here — you’ll have to watch the episode for yourself to see us and see how it ends.

Thanks, Law & Order!