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Bring your sense of fun and adventure to our fabulous classes! We’ll challenge body, mind and spirit. Master new skills, develop strength, flexibility and artistry with one of the most experienced instructors in the city. All skill levels welcome – from aspiring professional to beginner.

Till Dec 22, 2014: Register online here for all classes.

NEW LOCATION! As of January 5, 2015, Heather is excited to be teaching at New York Aerial Arts. Higher ceilings in a dedicated circus space! Sign up here.

In our aerial classes, you can hang, flip, turn and contort to your heart’s content, no experience necessary. Few activities combine the skill and artfulness of performance with the muscle-toning and strength-building of a serious sport. A Helium Aerialist with years of training will spot you while you hang from silk fabric, suspended in mid-air and using your core, arm, leg and abs strength to move seamlessly into new positions. You’ll be getting fit while having fun in a safe and supportive environment. Build strength and endurance, as well as trust in yourself and what you’re capable of. Nervous about hanging upside down? We don’t blame you. Aerial dance helps you conquer physical and mental roadblocks.

Come see why we’ve been featured in the New York Times, Time Out New York, Backstage, DanceMagazine, American Fitness Magazine, FitEngine.com, on socialworkout.com and NBC’s “First Look”, to name a few.

In 2013, Heather was invited by Lincoln Center to travel China to teach existing and new aerial choreography to Chinese acrobats. She is thrilled to be part of Chen Shi-Zheng’s Monkey:Journey to the West.

Heather is a great teacher. I take my aerial practice seriously – I want to perform, I want to work hard and improve fast and be pushed as much as my body and limits and strengths are understood and Heather is the rare kind of teacher who is serious and focused *and* fun. I’ve been taught by a lot of aerial teachers in several different cities (I shopped around quite a lot in NYC) and Heather is one of the best. — Erin C, Actress/Singer

When you take classes with Heather, you get:

  • the skills of an actively performing aerialist with 13+ years experience
  • my expertise as a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
  • a respected and insured instructor
  • to work at your own level with a patient and supportive instructor
  • artistry, student performance opportunities, fun and fitness!

“Heather’s classes have literally changed my life… I was completely out of shape and never exercised before I started taking Aerial Acrobatics. I was amazed by how much progress I made in just a few weeks. Heather keeps classes small and does a fantastic job of working with people at all levels. I’m so excited to actually find a form of exercise that’s fun! I actually look forward to classes all week.”
— Leila B, Project Manager

Classes begin with a brief cardio warm-up, followed by stretching and strengthening on the ground and in the air, focusing on core and upper body. Then we learn skills, phrases and performance techniques.

Aerial uses muscles we don’t use in everyday life. Expect your hands and forearms to tire first. You may be sore after your first few classes.

Wear tight-fitting yoga-type clothing with your armpits, waist and backs of the knees covered. Ladies: make sure ‘the girls’ are well controlled – you will be going upside down. Gentlemen: briefs, not boxers. A dance belt is even better.

Bare feet – please make sure they are clean and fresh. Long hair tied back.
No jewelry, rivets, zippers, or anything else that could damage the silks.

Register online here for all classes

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