What can you rig from?

Many venues are easy to rig in.  We can hang from a structural beam or existing trussing.  We’re happy to call the venue to discuss rigging options. Once you hire Heliummm, we’ll take care of all the details from rigging design and load in, to take down at the end of the night, so you can focus where you need to.

Is rigging included?

Yes, ‘easy’ rigs are included in our fees. Our experienced aerialists can rig quickly and efficiently in many venues.

The sky is the limit with special flying effects! From rigging on buildings to flying performers in exquisite orbits above the audience, to dangling from hot air balloons, we can make it all happen. Extra fees for extra special rigging. Call us to discuss.

Our certified riggers offer custom rigging solutions. Premium effects are priced based on complexity, gear and operations. We’ll prepare a formal quote with several options for you.

Our portable rig is available for a reasonable rental fee.

What else do I need to know about your portable aerial rig?

Our portable rig goes up quickly indoors or out, and has jazzy lights to make it look as glamorous as our aerialists!  It fits beautifully on most dance floors and the party can go on underneath it.

We like to allow an hour for full rig and show set up, though we are usually done before. We ask you to provide 2-3 able-bodied volunteers to assist with rig set up and strike. Volunteers are needed for approx 20 mins for set up and for strike.


Footprint at 18.5′ height: approx. 22’x28′.

Footprint at 14′ height: approx 17’x22′

Minimum 15′ or 20′ overhead clearance needed. Unencumbered level surface required. Grass or concrete preferred.

What is the minimum ceiling height for aerial acts?

Solo Acts: 14′

Double Acts: 18’

Our portable rig can be set up to 14’ or 18.5’ high.

Our special portable aerial apparatus can be set up with 12’ clearance. No ceiling attachment required!

How do you get up to the ceiling?

Most venues have a genie lift that we can use.  Ladders are also fine, provided they reach to the structural beams.

We really want aerial, but the ceiling is too low, or, the venue has a decorated ceiling…

No problem. We’ve got a unique aerial apparatus that sits on the ground. It only needs 12’ clearance.

Can you perform outdoors?

Yes, we’ve got a portable aerial rig that sets up and tears down quickly with assistance of 3 able-bodied volunteers.

And, we’ve got that unique ground-based aerial apparatus!

Do you rent your rig?

Yes, to professional insured aerialists. Call or email us for info.

I don’t know if this is possible, but…

Ask away – we love to brainstorm and problem solve!

We have particular modesty requirements. Is that OK for you?

Absolutely. We’ve got tons of costumes from modest to racy.

Our event requires male performers  only. Can you accommodate?

Absolutely. Our men are fabulous!

We’re having a big fat gay wedding…

Mary, we can hardly wait!

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