The Show Must Go On…Or Not!

Posted by: on December 27, 2011

There’s something romantic and glamorous about that ‘the show must go on!’ mentality. And, many times, we’ve pulled out all the last-minute stops to make that happen.

We recall dancing for Noemie Lafrance 70 feet up on a Frank Gehry building in 2008 in Rapture. When one of the performers pulled a muscle in his back, the choreographer re-jigged the remaining dancers. After teaching another talented dancer my role, I spent the afternoon learning the injured dancer’s role on a roof with a much different incline and a much different rigging system. We had to make some last-minute modifications given that the rigging system was designed for a 175 lb man and I’m a 112 lb woman…And, we pulled it off, thanks in part to the injured dancer calling me cues from the rigging station behind my spot during the 50 min show!

But what about those times when, well, the show really can’t go on? Sometimes, it just needs to be postponed. For those rare times, you’ll be glad that Heliummm Aerial Dance & Entertainment is on your team.

Last December brought the East Coast a record snow storm that paralyzed NYC and its environs for days. This threw a wrench into the Demetro family wedding, given that the guests, the caterer, myself, and the bride and groom couldn’t make it to the venue on the wedding day. So, the wedding (and performance) was postponed till January 10th, when the streets were clear and everyone could get there safely. We were happy to accommodate this client on another date.

This holiday season has brought another unexpected event delay. Lexi’s Sweet 16 was supposed to be tonight, but alas, she is quite sick. The event planner and venue owner luckily has a couple of free dates in January. So we’re wishing Lexi a prompt recovery and we’ll be whooping it up for her and her friends later next month.

The message? Heliummm Aerial Dance & Entertainment delivers. Rain or sleet or snow or shine. Exceptional performers you can trust.

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