Heliummm on Law & Order: SVU!!

Posted by: on April 27, 2012

Heliummm aerialists Heather and Cody were delighted to be hired as Stunt Principals to film an episode of Law & Order: SVU!

We had our very own dressing room in the honeycomb, I mean the honey wagon (I’m so unhip it hurts).  Though our trailer wasn’t as big as Ice-T’s, we did get to meet him (and his new dog), and co-star Kelli Giddish (all very nice).

We spun and spun on our lyra in sequined blue tops at the Coney Island Museum, for an intriguing episode called, ‘Strange Beauty’.  And, no the title is not a reference to our hair and make-up! We were well taken-care of by Emmy-award winning make up artist Nicole, and the key hairdresser, Brian. (We wanted to bring them home with us, but they film SVU 10 months a year).

It was fun to have the camera pan by us on its smooth track as we were spinning about. Talk about needing to smile at all times! We got right into it, calling ‘Rolling!’ and ‘Cut!’ with the crew like the TV veterans we are (alas, veterans from the other side of the screen).  And, what better compliment than to have Director Alex Chapple tell us we were doing such a good job up there it was hard to get people watch him!

For Law & Order junkies, our vic has a strange body modification that requires some serious investigation by Fin and Amanda. No spoiler here — you’ll have to watch the episode for yourself to see us and see how it ends.

Thanks, Law & Order!



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